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Public Library customers across South Australia now have free access to ONLINE SOFTWARE TRAINING - more than 3,000 top quality courses and 136,000 video tutorials for learning the latest commercial software, creative and business skills through, a web-based video service.

With an active (non-expired) public library card, you have course access to topics such as business management, leadership, marketing, multimedia, design, web development and more!

You have unlimited access to the online courses from any compatible desktop or portable device, whether on a library computer, at your home, business or on the go.

Below is some information to get you started:

WELCOME - watch the Welcome to lynda video here Welcome to lynda video 

HOW TO LOGIN - steps to guide you How to login and use lyndaLibrary(581 kb) 

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS are here lyndaLibrary - Frequently Asked Questions FAQ 27July15(154 kb) 



lyndaLibrary Support 

If you have any issues with lyndaLibrary, in the first instance you should contact your local library. 

If your local library is unable to resolve the issue they will contact Public Library Services support for assistance.  


Information regarding mobile devices

Please note that if you link a library and commercial account you will lose access to the mobile app as the lyndaLibrary product we subscribe to is different to the commercial product.

lyndaLibrary members can use the mobile site to optimise your view via mobile devices.

HOW TO LOGIN to mobile app - Lynda Mobile App Login Instructions Lynda Library(5106 kb)

Please note that the Lynda product comes in a commercial and library version. The library version is not compatible with the app, it can only be used with a web browser.





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