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The State Library of South Australia is the largest public reference library in South Australia with a collection focus on South Australian information and general reference material for information and research purposes.

The State Library :

  • provides information, research and referral services for the community,
  • actively collects, preserves and gives access to the state's documentary heritage (both historical and contemporary),
  • provides public programs which enhance the cultural life of the state,
  • provides support to South Australian public libraries network, and cooperate with other state and interstate agencies to enhance economic, educational and social benefits of the state.

Please note that our collections are not for loan and must be used on site. Some materials are available on inter-library loan; ask at your public library.

State Library Annual Report


Department for Education and Child Development

The Libraries Board of South Australia is charged with providing leadership and direction which supports public libraries in South Australia. Collaborating with Local Government and the Department for Education and Child Development (DECD), the Board established the School Community Library Program in 1975 to provide a public library service to rural and remote communities with a population of less than 5,000 people. There are more than 40 School Community Libraries across the State, and they form an intrinsic component of the South Australian Public Library Network.

As participants in the network, School Community Libraries provide students, teaching staff and the community with access to more than 4 million items as part of the innovate One Card network, as well as free access to the internet and a number of online databases and digital resources.

The School Community Library Handbook details the responsibilities of the various participants involved in School Community Libraries and provides for the operation of Joint Use Library facilities.  It is acknowledged that changes in government policies and relationships will affect details over time and that circumstances at individual sites will impact on the adoption of various, negotiable aspects of library operation.  The Handbook is currently under review and will be updated to reflect changes to the partnership arrangements over time.

SCL Guidelines 2014 (The Handbook) - Revision 18 July 2014(1197 kb)

In 2012 the Libraries Board commissioned a review of the School Community Library Program to identify issues, opportunities and emerging directions. The Review involved extensive desk research, consultation and service mapping with a wide range of stakeholders.  The recommendations contained in the review have been noted by the Board and are now the subject of ongoing discussions with the Board’s funding partners being DECD and Local Government.

School Community Libraries Review 2012(3532 kb) 


big book
The Big Book Club

The Big Book Club Incorporated is a not for profit arts organization. Their mission is to promote reading, the discussion of books and the promotion of Australian authors.

Little big book club The Big Book Club Incorporated manages two major projects:

The Big Book Club Incorporated links with other major organizations to connect readers no matter their age or where they live.

At the end of 2002, a group of like-minded individuals met to discuss how reading and literature could be promoted in South Australia. The outcome, The Big Book Club, was launched in April 2003.

Not an earth shattering new concept - book clubs had existed for years. But there are elements that make The Big Book Club unique.

Firstly, the sheer scale of the project. The 'club' is open to everyone! There are no joining fees and it's up to you as to whether your register or not. You can participate when and how you wish.

Secondly, the author of each month's selected book visits South Australia and travels to various regional areas to meet their readers. The 'club' brings people together.

The Big Book Club has now coordinated over 300 author events, including high school and tertiary visits, and travelled over 21,000kms around South Australia.


The Goethe InstitutGoethe institut logo

The Goethe-Institut is the cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany with a global reach.
We promote knowledge of the German language abroad and foster international cultural cooperation.
We convey a comprehensive picture of Germany by providing information on Germany's cultural, social and political life.

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