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You can download this privacy information as a PDF document here.


What is the One Card Network?

The SA Public Library Network (SAPLN) established its 'One Card' Network in 2012 and all public libraries in South Australia now use the shared system to provide the South Australian community with access to the entire borrowable holdings of the State.

The One Card Network is operated by State and Local Government and is a single platform driving the success of the South Australian Public Library Network into the future. It provides customers and staff with convenient access to a greatly expanded range of materials via an integrated online catalogue, enhancing the customer service experience and promoting future innovation in public library service delivery to better meet the changing needs of the community.

Libraries participating in the One Card Network acknowledge their responsibility to work cooperatively within the Network to deliver the intended benefits to the South Australian community.


Privacy and the One Card Network

The creation of the One Card Network has had some very positive outcomes for libraries and their customers, including access to almost four million items for loan, and the ability of any customer to use any library using their existing library card.  One Card has also created a centralised database of the personal details of almost 725,000 library users.

Access to and use of this personal information is governed by a set of principles to ensure ongoing customer confidence in the operation of the One Card system and the handling of customer personal data.



In order to provide library services to customers, South Australian public libraries are required to collect and maintain some personal information about these customers, for example contact details.

Customers have a right and an expectation that the information they provide will be treated as confidential and used only for the purposes for which it was provided – that is to provide library services.


Our commitment to your privacy

As well as the broad obligations of professional use and confidentiality set out in the Code of Conduct for Council Employees and the Code of Ethics for the South Australian Public Sector:

  • Library staff are required to only access customer personal records when it is required in authorised work being undertaken by a staff member
  • Personal records shall be confidential and shall not be disclosed other than where it is required by law or where appropriately authorised in work being undertaken

Key information from the above Codes with respect to Local Government employees and State Government employees is outlined below.


Local Government employees

All local government employees are bound by the Code of Conduct for Council Employees. These responsibilities include an expectation that all council staff will:

  • “Deal with information received in their capacity as a Council employee in a responsible manner
  • Not release or divulge information that the Council or Chief Executive Officer of the Council has ordered be kept confidential, or that the Council employee should reasonably know is information that is confidential, including information that is considered by the Council or the Chief Executive Officer in confidence, subject to the Ombudsman Act 1972 and the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption Act 2012
  • Not make improper use of information, including confidential information, acquired by virtue of their position.”

To view the Code of Conduct for Council Employees in its entirety, visit:


State Government employees

The Code of Ethics for the South Australian Public Sector is binding on all public sector employees, including those working for the Libraries Board of South Australia and the Department for Education and Child Development.

The Code includes specific requirements for State Government employees to observe when handling official information and includes the following statements:

  • “Public sector employees will not disclose official information acquired through the course of their employment other than is required by law or where appropriately authorised in the agency concerned
  • Public sector employees will maintain the integrity and security of official information for which they are responsible.  Employees will also ensure that the privacy of individuals is maintained and will only release information in accordance with relevant legislation, industrial instruments, policy or lawful and reasonable direction.”

To view the Code of Ethics for the South Australian Public Sector in its entirety, visit:



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