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COVID19 stories

What has life been like for you in the Barossa region during the Covid-19 pandemic? How has your life changed? What is different about work or school, or celebrations?

The Barossa Council Public Libraries invite you to become part of our region's local history collection. We are inviting all members of the community - of all ages -  to share your stories of life in the Barossa during the pandemic.

Submissions can be in any form (written, photos, artwork, video) and will be housed in our local history section. Items will be available for research and may be used for exhibition.

This has been a significant moment in time for our region and collecting stories about people’s experience today will help preserve it and make it available for future generations.
Submissions can be made via our Facebook page, email library@barossa.sa.gov.au or directly to the library, and need to be accompanied by a COVID permission form.


COVID response

From Wednesday 13th May, all Barossa libraries are operating under different opening hours as we return to pre-COVID services. 

See below for more information - we'll update you as the situation changes

May 2020 Stage 1 opening


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