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Lock Library

 Lock School Community  Library
West Tce  Lock  SA
Phone: 0418 440 074

Serving the Elliston District Council with a depot at the Elliston Information Centre.

Lock Area School

Elliston District Council

Elliston Information Centre

Library Opening Times

School Term Times
Monday    8.30 am—4.30 pm
Tuesday    8.30 am—6 pm
Wednesday    8.30 am—4.30 pm
Thursday    8.30 am—6 pm
Friday        8.30 am—4.30 pm

School Holiday Times
Tuesday 9am—1pm and 2-6pm
Wednesday CLOSED
Thursday 9am—1pm and 2-6pm
Friday 10am—1pm and 2-5pm

Weekends and Public Holidays CLOSED.

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