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Opt-in to start keeping a record of your borrowing history

To opt-in to this service, follow these simple steps illustrated by the images below.

  1. Log in to My Account* on the catalogue at or via your library’s own web catalogue
  2. Then in My Account go to Personal Information and then click on Preferences
  3. Then tick Record my checkout history and tick Show my checkout history
  4. Then click Update

*Please note: opting-in cannot be done via the Libraries SA App, however you will be able to view your borrowing history via the Libraries SA App once you have opted-in.



To see your borrowing history

Note that items are only shown in this history once the associated loans have been returned.

If using the library catalogue on the website, view your borrowing history in the Checkout History accordion of My Account (as shown in below left image).

If using the Libraries SA App, view your borrowing history at Checkouts inside My Account (as shown in below right image



Privacy Policy

View our Privacy Policy here



Is borrowing history automatically enabled?

No. It will only be enabled when you choose to opt-in, either by turning it on in the library catalogue or requesting this from a staff member.


How long is my borrowing history kept?

Borrowing history will be retained for 3 years.


Is borrowing history kept for everything I borrow?

Borrowing history is not kept for magazines as it does not distinguish between separate issues.


Where can I access my borrowing history?

Your checkout history can be viewed in both the library catalogue and the Libraries SA app or by request from library staff once you have enabled it and have returned items that you have had on loan.


Why can’t I see everything I have borrowed?

Items currently on loan to you will only display in your checkout history once they have been returned. If an item you have borrowed is subsequently removed from the system then it can no longer display in your checkout history. Borrowing history will only start being kept from when it is enabled by you on your record.


Who can see my borrowing history?

Information on your borrowing history is accessible by yourself in the My Account section of the library catalogue, the Libraries SA app or by library staff, however, in accordance with our Privacy Policy, this will only be accessed by request from you. It will not be shared with anyone else except when required under legislation or a court order.