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Stream thousands of movies, documentaries, award-winning films and many more. Through Kanopy you are able to have unlimited access to Kanopy Kids where you can find educational and engaging videos for children of all ages. 

Please note: each member has a limit of 5 play credits per month which will reset on the first of each month. All you need is your library card. For any assistance please contact the library on: (08) 8342 7150.

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Digital Services

Public PCs & Printing

Public PCs are free to use with internet access, Microsoft Office and more. Printing, photocopying and scanning are available as well, you can even print from home.

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Wireless network

All branches provide free access to the internet via a wireless network. You will need a wireless enabled device and you must be a library customer.

Tech help sessions

Our library has free one-on-one help with any of your digital devices.

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